Spicy Honey

A blend of pure honey and seven peppers that will change the way you eat honey.

Spicy Honey

"My dad loves spicy food," says Mark Negley. "So this is the one product that reflects him the most."

When Mark wanted to create Spicy Honey, he went to the top, partnering with veterans in the hot sauce industry versed in peppers from around the world. He worked with them for over a year to perfect a unique, delicious blend of sweetness and heat. When they were close to the goal, he visited the team to fine-tune the recipe over a span of three days.

After each day of sampling, Mark recounts, "My tongue was useless. I couldn't taste anything."

The gain was worth the momentary pain. By the end, Mark and the team had attained their prize: An unrivaled blend of pure honey and seven peppers that the hot sauce veterans called "one of the best products they'd ever seen."

With that endorsement, Negley and Son is thrilled to introduce this original creation, Spicy Honey by Negley and Son.


Classic Spicy

The original, secret blend of seven peppers and sweet honey. 

Smokey Chipotle

From the fields of Chihuahua, the finest vine-ripened jalapeños are gathered and smoke-dried to create the distinct flavor of chipotle peppers. The warm smokiness is a perfect addition to the seven peppers in our classic Spicy Honey.

Ghost Pepper

This is not honey for the faint of heart or weak of constitution. To our tasteful blend of seven peppers, we have added the ghost pepper (Bhut Jolokia), certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the hottest peppers cultivated on earth. Tipping the Scoville Scale at over ONE MILLION heat units, it takes our Spicy Honey to the edge of insanity! When you're ready to rip off the training wheels and send your mouth careening headlong into sweet flames, our Ghost Pepper Spicy Honey is waiting for you.